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The next generation is our hope for the future. All over the world, young people are filled with so much vigor, passion, and creativity that could potentially transform societies and change the world.

But at the same time, many of them are lost, confused, and

trapped, running after wrong pursuits that result in potentials

undiscovered, talents untapped, and lives wasted.

We believe that when we reach the next generation, we can give

them hope and help them fulfill their destiny as world-changers

and nation-builders.

This is the reason we exist.

School of Leadership

School of Leadership

The School of Leadership conducts specialized sessions to prepare participants for LIFE through ongoing training and mentoring programmes.

Over the years, we have conducted leadership trainings in several of the premier colleges of Mumbai such as Wilson College, St. Xaviers' College, KC College, St. Andrews College, MET, IIT Bombay, staff of Mumbai University etc., and has trained over 7000 students.

The trainings include soft skills, career preparation, leadership, financial stewardship, self-discipline and many more.


Student Group

We are dedicated to empowering students for LIFE - Leadership, Integrity, Faith and Excellence.

We help students rise up to whatever challenges come their way through Student Group.

Student Group happens weekly in the campuses where our mentors listen to them, challenge them, and help them to do better in life.

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