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Mighty Praise

Verse 1

Your glory brighter than the stars on a dark night 

Your name is higher than the sun in the noon sky 

The earth declares how great you are

The deep resounds, you are with us


Verse 2

Your love pours heavy like the rain on a hillside 

It blows upon me like the wind on a shoreline 

Nothing compares to your greatness

To you I sing



How wonderful you are

All the earth will shout a mighty praise

A mighty praise

To the glory of you God

You are worthy of the highest praise of all

Verse 3

You called the planets and the stars into motion

And all creation lives within what you've spoken

You rule the world by your sovereign hand

I’ll sing again




I will praise you God 

All the praise is yours


And for who you are 

And for all you’ve done

All rights reserved  © Tribes Music

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